Feng Shui Fortune Telling
Feng Shui Fortune Telling
Feng Shui Lucky Fortune Telling, Home Feng Shui , Ba Zi analysis, Feng Shui advice and Fortune Telling
Everything Feng Shui Fortune Telling has a magnetic field around it, something that Science is able to back up. You have a magnetic energy field around you - in fact your brain, your Chinese Fortune Telling system, right down to your very cells connected by tiny electrical impulses that send messages around the body.

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For example, that the flavor of food will change if the cook is factors, including the use of color, aromatherapy, and air quality. Feng (meaning wind) Shui (water) principles actually originated from I-Ching (or Yi-Ching), i.e. the "Book of Changes". It describes the relationships and harmonies amongst the heaven, earth and the mankind. Its concept is also supported by the modern sciences of physics theories.

A working knowledge of feng shui is essential for realtors working with Asian clients. There are certain homes that Asians will not buy, no matter what. If realtors are aware of this fact, they can pre-screen listings and avoid showing homes that automatically would be unacceptable. Taking the time to learn the basics of feng shui shows respect and sensitivity to cultural beliefs, creates a better rapport with buyers, and saves time in the long run! Also, according to some of the resources, the first references in writing to Feng Shui were done in 2700 BCE.

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